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So far, the Republican majority in Congress has avoided aggressive confrontation with the White House over key legislative priorities.  The battle over the authorization of the Keystone XL pipeline turned out to be a largely pro forma exercise that culminated in a high-profile presidential veto followed by a failed...

Heather Podesta elected to MOCA board of trustees

“The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles has elected four new members to its board of trustees, the latest sign of growing confidence in the museum under new director Philippe Vergne. Prominent L.A. artist Mark Bradford is among the additions, who also include legislative and public policy strategist...

Heather Podesta addresses French-American Foundation in Paris

Heather Podesta was the keynote speaker at a breakfast hosted by the French-American Foundation in Paris on February 18, 2015, where she discussed the 2014 midterm elections and the coming 2016 presidential election, and later spoke with L’Opinion.    ...

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