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Election Outlook – Issue 2 (173 days until Election Day)

The presidential race is narrowing quickly to a Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump matchup in November, and both campaigns are pivoting to general election mode.  National Democrats and Republicans are working to present a unified message to voters, but Republicans face a steeper climb to that goal. In the...

Anne MacMillan Joins Heather Podesta + Partners

Anne MacMillan is the latest seasoned veteran to join Heather Podesta + Partners.  MacMillan spent the last two years leading the Washington, DC, office for The Wonderful Company, a multi-billion dollar farming and consumer packaged goods company based in California.  In this senior role she advised the company on...

Election Outlook – Issue 1 (201 days until Election Day)

After decisive wins in the New York primaries, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump continue their march toward the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations.  While Clinton’s lead appears to be insurmountable, the Republicans appear to be heading for a contested convention in July where anything could happen, thanks to Trump’s organizational missteps and Ted...

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