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What you smell in DC is jet fumes. What you hear on Capitol Hill is silence.  Congress has left the building. And what did they leave behind?  No budget.  Scant progress on appropriations.  Slow progress on executive nominations.  One lonely Supreme Court nominee. Yes, Congress will be out for...

Election Outlook – Issue 4 (122 days until Election Day)

The conventions are quickly approaching, and both parties are putting the finishing touches on the events that traditionally serve to rally the party faithful around the chosen standard-bearer.  As Democrats are coalescing quickly around presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton, unity is proving more elusive on the Republican side, where Donald...

Obama and the 114th Congress – Regulation Showdown?

The Obama Administration is issuing regulations at a rapid clip and living up to the President’s word that he’ll push his agenda until January 20, 2017 – his last day in office.  In fact, the Administration has issued nearly 200 regulations since the start of the year.  From broadening...

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