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Obama and the 114th Congress – Regulation Showdown?

The Obama Administration is issuing regulations at a rapid clip and living up to the President’s word that he’ll push his agenda until January 20, 2017 – his last day in office.  In fact, the Administration has issued nearly 200 regulations since the start of the year.  From broadening...

Election Outlook – Issue 3 (151 days until Election Day)

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are now the major party presumptive nominees, but they are not the only ones with their sights set on the White House this fall.  The Libertarian Party nominated former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson and former Massachusetts Governor William Weld as their presidential and...

Election Outlook – Issue 2 (173 days until Election Day)

The presidential race is narrowing quickly to a Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump matchup in November, and both campaigns are pivoting to general election mode.  National Democrats and Republicans are working to present a unified message to voters, but Republicans face a steeper climb to that goal. In the...

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