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Fifty-seven days since the 115th Congress was sworn in.  Forty days since President Donald Trump took the oath of office.  The clock is ticking on the Republican campaign promise to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, and the solution is proving illusive as disagreements in the Republican conference...

Sean Joyce Joins HP+P

Sean Joyce will join the leading bipartisan government relations firm Heather Podesta + Partners (HP+P).  With experience as a senior House Republican staff member for both Chief Deputy Whip Patrick McHenry and Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman Bill Shuster, Joyce adds to a growing bipartisan team dedicated to providing unparalleled...

HP+P Reviews the Impact of Judge Gorsuch’s Nomination

President Donald Trump is acting swiftly on promises he made during the campaign. The 12-nation Transpacific Partnership (TPP)? It’s now 11 after President Trump pulled the United States out. The border wall? The President set the wheels in motion to begin construction this year. The arrival of refugees into...

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