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  They are gone. Despite hopes for a legislative accomplishment during the extra week the Senate was calendared to be in session, Senate leaders threw in the towel on August 5 and headed out of town to join their House counterparts who left for the summer the last week...

Jonathan Becker Joins Heather Podesta + Partners

  Jonathan Becker, a veteran of Capitol Hill with an expertise in antitrust, intellectual property, transportation and technology law and policy, is joining Heather Podesta + Partners. Becker brings a robust and unique experience with him to HP+P having spent time in a top Washington law firm, a Fortune...

The August Recess is Just Around the Corner – What to Expect in the Coming Weeks

  Leadership in both the House and Senate laid out an ambitious agenda for Congress to finish before it leaves for the annual August recess.  Congress started the current work period with orderly debates on education in both chambers, but once the discussion turned to tougher issues like taxes...

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