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Legislative Strategies

HP + P represents our clients before a wide range of congressional committees, individual Members of Congress, and executive branch agencies. We influence legislation on our clients’ behalf in a broad spectrum of issue areas, including but not limited to the following:


HP+P works successfully with clients in the aerospace and defense industry to develop and implement effective strategies to promote and protect funding for critical military defense systems and to mitigate adverse funding and policy proposals. This work involves communicating to members of key congressional committees, as well as Members and Senators at large, the strategic and technical merits of defense programs and technologies designed to put the American war-fighter in the best position to protect and defend our nation’s homeland, our international allies abroad, and U.S. and joint interests overseas, while also educating Capitol Hill about the importance of these programs to employment opportunities and economic growth in states and congressional districts throughout the United States.


With the costs of education continuing to rise and the federal government’s role in elementary and secondary schools and higher education in a state of flux, more and more educators and education professionals realize they need to understand Congress’ motivations and intentions in the area of federal education policy. Our professionals help corporations, non-profit foundations, for-profit education providers, and associations navigate the pending reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, and the Higher Education Act, as well as the expiring education tax credits. We understand the messages and policies that resonate with federal legislators, and we put our expertise and relationships to work to ensure our clients’ voices are heard when Congress attempts extensive revisions to federal education policy.

Energy and Environment

HP + P provides lobbying, strategic counsel on a wide range of environment and energy issues, ranging from natural gas to renewable energy. Our professionals bring pertinent hands-on legislative expertise to assist clients in making their case to the resource, environment, and energy committees. As Congress sits poised to tackle the creation of a long-term energy and climate change policy HP + P is perfectly positioned to advocate on behalf of a client to ensure its interests are properly addressed.


HP+P is a leader in representing health care clients. Health care is a high-profile issue that involves numerous substantive public policy questions and involves extensive legislative contacts.

Our health care practice brings comprehensive government relations experience to every aspect of health policy, representing providers, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, suppliers and patient advocacy organizations. We are experts on the implications of policy changes and we provide integrated strategies to help our clients be successful. We take the time to understand our clients’ objectives and business, and know what elicits the interest of public officials because we have decades of experience working on the staffs of Congressional health leaders. We focus not only on the Congressional committees with direct jurisdiction over health care issues, but also on individual members of Congress whose home districts are affected by health care businesses, products, and concerns.

Our health care team provides strategic advice for moving or halting particular legislative proposals; providing information to key members of Congress and their staffs; negotiating the landscapes of investigations, hearings and testimony; strategizing ways to maximize opportunities to provide positive messages; preparing witnesses for testimony; and navigating political and legal minefields associated with any issue before Congress.


We help our clients understand, and influence, international policies debated in Washington that impact corporations and foreign governments worldwide.  Our team has experience representing foreign governments, multinational corporations, and individuals abroad who seek a voice before Congress and the Executive Branch.


Whether it’s intellectual property protection, homeland security policies, privacy or antitrust concerns, companies need to stay in touch with Members of Congress who legislate in these areas to ensure their policy goals are met. We work closely with the House and Senate Judiciary committees on matters ranging from patent reform to industrial design protection, from school security to the establishment of a federal reporters’ privilege, to make sure our clients are at the table when decisions are made. Our experience on congressional investigations set us apart from other firms. We assist clients in effectively responding to Congressional inquiries while minimizing the considerable public relations risks that these kinds of investigations can pose for them.

Tax / Trade

HP + P provides substantive expertise to its clients in the areas of tax and trade policy. We represent a broad range of companies who have matters pending before the House Ways and Means Committee and Senate Finance Committee. Whether it is advocating for proposed changes to tax policy or working to create energy tax incentives or pushing for greater enforcement of our existing trade laws, we have the experience with these committees to provide our clients with valuable opportunities to help shape policy.

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